Budget Self Storage

Self Storage Units for a Better Price



With our reliable and individual locking system. All your goods will be secure in one of many Self Storage units provided. Choose the size you want; Securing your storage unit is our highest priority.


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Choose from a range of self-storage units and parking bays. If you have a lot choose a larger storage unit, if you do not have much choose a smaller storage unit. Budget Self Storage have it all.


We want your storage to be accessible by only you for the period you are with us. That is why you will be given a unique access code and specialised key to your own storage unit. Giving you access 7 days a week.


With competitive prices on all our self-storage units and parking bays. You can request short or long term storage with the same benefits. Get in early to secure your budget self-storage.


Caravan, motorhome, trailers. Parking bays for storing your larger vehicles are available all year round. Trust in Budgets vehicle storage solutions for all your short to long term storage needs!


Another layer of protection ensures your goods are safe and secure. Do not stress over your goods as we even have security surveillance cameras that monitor every access point and storage unit.


Storage services at budget prices. Self-Storage for furniture and other goods makes for the perfect self-storage solution. At budget self-storage, you can request short to long term storage. Vehicle storage for cars, boats, motorbikes. You can now free up space in your driveway or at home by hiring a cheap parking bay for your caravan or motor home while not in use. Great self-storage and parking bay prices all year round that will not disappoint! Using custom, modified shipping containers for furniture and other goods we provide you with a unique key code to access. Under constant surveillance. Budget Self Storage is the great way to ensure all your goods are kept safe and secure. And at the best storage prices in town. Regarded as Adelaide’s best storage facility yet!


While our main storage unit is in Salisbury Plains, Adelaide. We provide self-storage for the greater region of Adelaide. Due to our amazing budget storage prices people come from far and wide to store various goods in our Budget Self Storage units and parking bays. Covering areas and regions all around Salisbury Plains including Brahma Lodge, Salisbury Park, Salisbury East, Salisbury South, Salisbury Downs, Salisbury Heights Salisbury North, Gulfview Heights, Para Hills, Ingle Farm, Green Fields, Parafields Gardens, Elizabeth Grove, Elizabeth Vale, Elizabeth East and much more.


Use our storage calculator work out your storage unit size requirements. Don’t get more than you need and ensure your storage unit or parking bay meets your requirements.

Self-Storage solutions at budget prices for furniture goods, equipment, cars, boats, motor homes, caravans, boats and more. A trusted name within Adelaide Self Storage Industry.


Budget Self Storage Frequently Asked Questions
The price will depend on the size of the storage unit and how long you want to store your goods. A free quote is available over the phone or by using the storage calculator.
Budget Self Storage is in Salisbury Plains, Adelaide. We provide storage for furniture and vehicles for the
greater region of Adelaide, SA
The security of your goods is vital to our reputation and as such, we have adequate security features to ensure your goods are stored using specialised key codes and individual locking mechanisms.

With flexible payment systems you can make payments on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Our Budget self-storage caters to long term storage for furniture and goods as well as vehicles such as
motorhomes, caravans and more.

Cheap short term storage is available all year round provided there is sufficient spaces available.